These pictures are long overdue but I'd like you to meet our sweet little pup, Dakota. We've had her almost two months now and I adore her. She's growing like crazy and I just love cuddling her!

She'll be filling this kennel quickly!

This was the day we got her.

Worn out on a walk!

Went out for ice cream with us.

Hanging out at Millie's house.

Terrified of Millie! ;)

Millie is my sweet cousin Lesley's dog.

ice cream cake.

Last night I made dinner for Chris and bought stuff to make a dessert too. Neither of us really wanted ice cream by the time dinner and the Cardinals game was over so we didn't eat it. Although, it was a delicious breakfast! :)

So here is the simple, delicious recipe! 
(I found a similar recipe on a blog not to long ago but I don't remember where it was!)

What you will need:
Ice cream sandwhichs (enough to cover the bottom or the dish you are using)
One container or CoolWhip
Chocolate Syrup
Caramel Syrup
King Size Candy bar of your choice

Yummy ingredients right?

Line the bottom of your dish with the ice cream sandwiches, I found some that were half chocolate and half vanilla (mm!). Then crumble half of the candy bar and sprinkle it over the ice cream. Drizzle both types of syrups. Add a layer of CoolWhip and then add another layer of the syrups and the candy bar crumbles. Freeze for a couple of hours and enjoy! 

This was the easiest dessert and quite possible the yummiest too!

Sorry for my absence from blog world. I am planning on returning now. :)