pinterest obsession.

Confession: I am a Pinterest Addict.

Seriously, I look at pins so often! There are so many awesome ideas!

Here are my top 3 DIY projects that I want to make right away!
How simple! Turn boring old vases and jars in to detailed, white "pottery."
Found here

Super cute and easy dog food container
made from an old popcorn tin!
found here

I love this idea! I think it would be a perfect way to plan meals and incorporate new meals in!
Found here

Here are a few ideas that I have found for the wedding!

A whole collage of perfect baseball party ideas! So cute!
Found here
I love this photo! :)
Unknown Source

I finally found a guest book option that I LOVE! Yay!
Now to see if Chris likes it and then find the perfect calendar!
Found here

Here are a few recipes that look "good enough to eat!"
Apple Nachos! Wow! Yum!
Found here
Pumpkin Cream Cheese Truffles! Hello Fall!
Found here

Frozen Hot Chocolate. Sounds delightful!
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photo op.

I love taking pictures of the things that God has given us. Flowers, streams, baby birds, etc. I usually do a bit more of that during the summer but haven't really had the opportunity to much lately. Although, this week I have no desire to be out in the heat taking pictures. But here are a few of my favorite photos I've taken of God's beautiful creations! 


quick post.

I'm waiting for my boss to get back from a meeting so here I am :)

seeing: the sunshine through the windows.
hearing: the music in the hallway playing. It's SO nice to work in a place with so many encouraging people
tasting: fresh brewed coffee, yes, please.
feeling: a bit overwhelmed, it is August 1st, ya know?
reading: not enough.
loving: the ample amount of time I've had with Chris lately
anticipating: the first day at my new job, two weeks.
making: lists of things that MUST be done soon
wishing: it wasn't quite so hot so I enjoyed long walks with Dakota a bit more.

August 1.

Today is the first day of August. This is significant to me for a few reasons.

First and foremost, that means I am getting married in two months! Yep, it true. Two months from today, I marry my best friend. Ah!

Secondly, that also means summer is almost gone. When did that happen and where did it go? I have really had a great summer. But... there were SO many things I wanted to do this summer. Even though I haven't felt busy I guess I have stayed fairly busy. My summer has been filled with working at Ridgecrest, visiting family, playing with our sweet puppy, and enjoying so much time just hanging out with Chris. Yep, that all does make for a great summer but if I would have made a list of things to do this summer it would have included:
  • horseback riding
  • weekend away with Kat (plus lots of other times with her too!)
  • a lot of crafting
  • refinishing projects for our future (soon!!) home
  • working on wedding details galore
August 1 also means that two weeks from today I start my new job. I don't think I've ever been quite so nervous for a new job. I know it will be a great learning experience but I still feel like there are a lot of unknowns with it. Two weeks from today I will be in our classroom though. 

This summer really has been good and it will continue to be. But now I have to go and get ready for work! I am so thankful for my job this summer! :)