I'm Back!

Hello there!

Chris and I on 4th of July
watching the Springfield Cardinals!
Thanks for sticking with me while I've been taking a break! The last several weeks have been a whirlwind of excitement for Chris and I!

I'm going to just stick with a baby update for today but I can't wait to share my experience with my first craft show and where to tell about where I plan to go with the sewing biz!

We are now 35 weeks pregnant! I know, right?! Where has time gone! I was just telling Chris last night that I really do feel like the time has flown by and its kind of sad to me! Not only has the time flown by through the pregnancy but life in general! Chris and I have been married for just over 9 months now and I feel like there is so much more we could have packed into our first months as newly-weds! Luckily, we have the rest of our lives together to make those memories!

Ok, back to baby. ;)

I went to the doctor yesterday and had my first exam to check for progression. (If you don't want the details scoot on down to the next paragraph!) I was dilated to a 1-2 and my cervix has softened. Hearing this totally blew me away! Umm.. really? Not that it means I'll go before my due date but we're heading in the direction of labor! Reality check!! We're having a baby!

Ok, its safe here. Aiden's room is coming together a bit slower than I would have liked but I've decided to quite worrying about it because even if it's not together when he arrives life will go on! My parents came down a couple weeks ago and we did some serious DIYing! We painted a twin bed that was in their basement to be the spare bed in his room. I'm SO pleased with how well it turned out! I've also painted a dresser, end table, and a couple of shelves for his room. Pictures will be posted when it's all done. I'm working out with my sweet cousin to get his crib in the next week or so and I think that'll send me for another reality check!

We were thrown 3 baby showers for this little man and let me assure you God has blessed us! We feel like we have what we need for him to arrive plus so much more! I really have a bad relationship with laundry but I have loved washing and folding his tiny little clothes and diapers! I can't remember if it was ever brought up on here but my cousin and his wife gave me their entire stash of cloth diapers! Yep, I told you we were blessed! I have purchased a few newborn diapers if I found them for a steal but I haven't had to put much in to them at all! I can't wait to see all of this cute fluff on him! Here are some pictures from the showers!

Chris and I at our shower at his parents house!
I need to track down some more pics from here from my SIL!
It was a fire truck theme and they were so creative! It was adorable!

My fun siblings! I think Justin is trying to compete
with the watermelon I have apparently swallowed!
33 Weeks along!

Me and my amazing parents!
And here is a shot of the diapers!
Plus we have inserts, wet bags, and a Moby wrap!