marriage excitement.

I just posted a random, somewhat quirky post about my excitement for our wedding but even more than the excitement of the wedding I am excited for our marriage. I get to marry this handsome, funny, strong, and brilliant man and spend the rest of my life with him. "The rest of my life." Ah! I'm getting married! :) 

Lately, I have been thinking so much about what kind of wife I will be. When I think about our marriage I want to be the wife from old tv shows. I want to clean house, have dinner ready when Chris gets home, have a fresh baked pie on the table (I've never made a pie), and be ready to sit at dinner and talk about our days. OK... Don't worry, this makes me laugh by even writing it but I'm really fairly serious with it all. I want to be that wife.

But MUCH more importantly, I want to be a Godly wife. I want Chris and I to be totally and completely focused on God, individually and together.

I found a really interesting blog. The author's husband is a minister and she wrote about being a Godly wife. I enjoyed the whole post but I enjoyed this quote especially. (Head over here to check out her blog, its definitely one I will be reading more often!)
Women were CREATED for their husband. God carefully chose us as gifts to them and them to us. We are called to be a helper to our man. This was God’s plan for us from the beginning.
Please pray for me as I continue to dive in to scripture and some other books to learn more about what a Godly wife is. I would love to hear what you think or if you have suggestions on books or passages to read as well.  


wedding excitement!

So, last time I wrote about the wedding my excitement was increasing but I was still a tad bit stressed about it all. But... the full fledged excitement has returned and I'm ready to get going on the planning! I am slowly checking off things on my to-do list.

  • Start guest list
  • Get jewelry!! :)
  • Design invitations! I am in LOVE with these!
Ok.. so maybe I haven't been super productive but the ideas are flowing and I'm ready to actually start checking things off! 

I have been really focused on the reception decor lately. I have a could ideas for centerpieces and some other little things so now I just need to make a commitment and start the buying so I can do whatever I can ahead of time! I also need to finish making the bridesmaid bouquets and the boutonnieres and corsages.. "Momma!!" 

How about the ceremony decor? I have no clue! I am not a huge fan of the traditional candle abra but.. other ideas I have aren't really coming together in my head either. Except for one idea thats kinda floating around.. more to come on that, I'm sure! 

I also have some ideas for the guestbook table and entrance. The ideas have potential to be something super cute! ;)

Have ya heard about our themed reception? Baseball! Ok, to clear this up.. No, I'm not an avid baseball fan but I love the theme and I'm super excited about it! Chris is a HUGE Cardinals fan and I think he's pretty pleased with the theme! I'm moving in just 3 days and I'll be living about 20 minutes from him and so not only am I excited to be close to him just in general, I'm excited to work on wedding stuff together, as a cute couple, because I think we are pretty dang cute! 

I've been working on our website off and on. It's exciting to think about all of the people who will be coming to celebrate with us as we start our lives together! Ok, theres a not-so-quick-update on the wedding planning. Hopefully I can start really checking things off the "list" soon!

125 Days! Woohoo!

DIY Projects!

My summer DIY look! ;)

Summer has officially begun! Friday was our last day at school. Totally bittersweet because I truly did love my job and my students but I am excited for the things that are coming up this summer as well! This weekend has been a great one! Friday evening, I met Chris to take him his EMT pants so he would have them when he went to volunteer in Joplin. My heart is still so broken for the people in Joplin and thankful to all of those who have helped in any way! Saturday we did a little bit of house work, hit up some garage sales (no luck!), went to a flea market (bought an ugly mirror!), and joined some great friends for a BBQ! 

So.. about that ugly mirror! I had actually been looking for a bedside table to refinish or even some other furniture for my apartment this summer and Chris and my future home (I'm gonna have to write a whole other post talking about the excitement about that!). But all I found was this ugly mirror for $8.00.

{click on any picture to see it larger!}

In progress...

The finished product...  :)

Stay tuned to see more DIYing with this old dresser!

 Plus its always nice to have a little helper on these projects! :)


planning for the "big" day!

When I first started blogging I had it in my mind that it would be so fun to blog when I was engaged to talk wedding stuff all the time. Obviously, that has not happened. I would like to say I've been so busy doing meaningful things but unfortunately I can't say that I have. Although, I don't feel like I have had much free time. 

You see, after the initial shock and excitement of getting to marry my sweet man the planning took a quick halt! I don't like making decisions. I definitely don't like struggled with everyone looking at me and saying "it's your wedding, it's whatever YOU want!" But I suppose I've got over that and I'm getting busy with this planning!

The stuff that only pertains to me has been EASY! My dress, shoes, jewelry, and possible veil were all quick and easy decisions! I bought the first dress I tried on and still am in absolutely love! I haven't put it back on yet but I'm just waiting for my jewelry to come in. These decisions were easy because I didn't feel like they really effected anyone else, those are the kind I don't mind making!

But in the last few weeks I have picked the bridesmaid dresses and purchased the sweet flower girl dresses! I can't wait to see our precious flower girls in the little dresses! I also purchased flowers for my bouquet and the bridesmaids! I worked on my bouquet, its not perfect but I am loving it! Sorry for the poor picture quality, you'd think I'd use my awesome Nikon but the iPhone was more convenient to snap a quick pic of this. 

So, I've got my attire and bouquet {close to} done. I'm ready to get married! :) 

We've also "booked" our officiant, checked out tuxes (I can't wait to see Chris all dressed up and looking snazzy!), started purchasing/collecting things for centerpieces, and I'm beginning to work on the invitations  Woohoo! Here are a couple little things I've worked on to put on tables or something... Can you guess what our reception theme will be?

I am so excited for all of the ideas to come together and see the final product! 137 days 'til we say "I do!"

Ok, I'm also excited cause I just got off the phone for a second interview for a Para job for the Fall! :) 

Hopefully, I'll get back to blogging, I really do enjoy it so much!! :)

Oh! I almost forgot... check out our wedding website! Heres the link! Make sure to sign the guestbook too!