DIY Projects!

My summer DIY look! ;)

Summer has officially begun! Friday was our last day at school. Totally bittersweet because I truly did love my job and my students but I am excited for the things that are coming up this summer as well! This weekend has been a great one! Friday evening, I met Chris to take him his EMT pants so he would have them when he went to volunteer in Joplin. My heart is still so broken for the people in Joplin and thankful to all of those who have helped in any way! Saturday we did a little bit of house work, hit up some garage sales (no luck!), went to a flea market (bought an ugly mirror!), and joined some great friends for a BBQ! 

So.. about that ugly mirror! I had actually been looking for a bedside table to refinish or even some other furniture for my apartment this summer and Chris and my future home (I'm gonna have to write a whole other post talking about the excitement about that!). But all I found was this ugly mirror for $8.00.

{click on any picture to see it larger!}

In progress...

The finished product...  :)

Stay tuned to see more DIYing with this old dresser!

 Plus its always nice to have a little helper on these projects! :)

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