Holiday Delights

How is it that we are already less than 2 weeks from Christmas? I am just amazed how quickly time has flown. I feel like I was just planning our wedding and now we've been married for over two months! So much has changed in the last six months and it will continue to in the time to come!

I have always loved the holidays (as in all Holidays, I'm not replacing Christmas with Holiday) but the last few years I have found my self liking them less and less. I finally have figured out why. I feel like holidays are almost romanticized and they are expected to be perfect. Well... life happens and its not always perfect. Everyone has a different holiday time planned out in their mind and they don't always mesh perfectly. So because of this realization I am determined to fall back in love with the Holidays but in a different way. I am going to work to enjoy every bit of Christmas and New Years no matter what is going on.

Christmas will be spent with the Wescoats and that is going to be fun. I'm really blessed to love Chris's family so much because it sure does make sharing holidays a lot easier! And then I'll have a few days off at home before my family comes to our house to celebrate Christmas before we head down to Seneca to celebrate the New Year with my Dad's family.

I had big ambitions for doing a lot of homemade Christmas gifts this year and well, that hasn't happened yet. Hopefully, I'll manage to get a few done in the next couple weeks. Pinterest has given me so many ideas but I'm just not following through and actually making them.

Although it will be a little bit late to be getting crafty gifts done I am hoping to use a few of my days at home crafting. I really only have three days that will be at home just me so I'll have to take advantage of it. I remember as a child thinking that Christmas break lasted forever! Well, now that its not just waiting for Christmas to open gifts and spend the rest of the time playing with them it sure does go faster!

My third goal is to relax! Which I don't think will be a problem at all!

Hope you are preparing for a nice, relaxing time to celebrate Christ's birth with family and friends!

Be a blessing to someone today and throughout the Christmas season!


simple post

seeing: snow on the ground. Just a bit but it sure is beautiful!
hearing: Christmas music in the hallways. I'm so glad that we have this going for the next few weeks
tasting: not much, but I did eat school lunch today so a piece of chocolate would be nice. 
feeling: anxious and excited
reading: not much. Hoping to cuddle up with a good book soon!
loving: this time of year. I love the time between Thanksgiving and New Year. :)
anticipating: Winter Break! I am loving my job but I'll be loving a break too!
making: a few painting projects when I feel up to it at night
Be a blessing! :)