mini getaway.

Chris and I are celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary a couple days early! We are (me..) being brave and leaving sweet Aiden with his Moppy and Poppy and two aunts! I am SOO looking forward to the time away with my sweet husband! We are heading to a Cardinals game tonight which seems fitting since our wedding was baseball themed, staying in a great hotel, and then spending the day just hanging out tomorrow before returning to the babe!

I am kinda feeling guilty for being so excited for time away with hubby minus the baby. I thought I would struggle more with it. Chris made a good point a couple weeks ago though. We've only been married for a year. As much as I wouldn't change it for the world we got pregnant so quickly that we lost some of that time as newlyweds. So now that I am not lugging around a watermelon belly we can take advantage of awesome family that will love on Aiden while we have time together. Don't get me wrong I am going misssss my boy but he'll be in capable, loving hands!

I feel like a giddy little school girl looking forward to a hot date! :)

Side note:: My sweet boy is two months old as of yesterday! Goodness, how did that happen! More to come on that as well!

Pictures to come!

Be a blessing to someone today!

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