gonna be a "Mrs"

Wahoo!! I'm getting married! :) I still love saying those simple three words! I have tried to write about this for days but have been keeping pretty busy! But yep, its true, Chris and I are getting hitched! Gawh!! I wish I could show my excitement better through typing but it just doesn't seem possible!

So ya wanna hear how he did it! :) I'd better happy to tell our story!

Friday was Chris's 25th birthday! I took the day off and went to Springfield and surprised him just a bit before he got off work. We had already made dinner plans with some great friends. Dinner was wonderful, basically the guys talked about what ever they talk about and us girls had fun talking about apartments, clothes, jobs, and weddings... little did I know! :) After dinner Chris offered to drive and we were on our way. It wasn't a big shock to me at all when Chris pulled in to Bass Pro Shop (aka The Promised Land) and we went in to look around. As strange as it may sound I really do like walking around there. Chris was in an awesome mood, we had a blast walking around, enjoying each other and being a bit silly. 

After walking around for a little while we made our way to Uncle Buck's Auditorium because Chris had to use the restroom. When Chris joined me down by the aquarium we started playing my favorite game "What kind of fish is that..."which I happen to be awful at! I noticed that Chris was still in such a good mood and asked him if he was just happy because he was at BPS on his birthday. He replied telling me, "Of course I'm happy, we are at the Promised Land and its my birthday" or something of the sort. He then pulled me in close for a hug and a little smooch on the cheek and told me that he found something that I might like. It wasn't until that second when he reached in to his pocket that the extra good mood and extra sweet gestures made sense. At this point, my heart started pounding a tad bit and I couldn't look Chris in the eye. I did, however, catch a glimpse of the beautiful diamond ring he was now holding out to me. 

My mind went a bit crazy at this point and I started asking "Are you serious?!" and "Really?!" He just looked at me with a sweet smile and said, "Yes, will you marry me?" Which I quickly responded with a quiet "yes." Quiet because I was hoping not to cry. (Which I didn't, and still haven't!) I was in absolute shock and oh so excited! My next question was "Wait! Have you talked to my parents?" He enjoyed telling me that the "meeting" they had the evening before was actually with him! Those sneaky people... 

We continued walking around BPS for a while and although I'm fairly certain we were talking about things we looked at I really don't remember anything that was said. I was either looking up at my fiance with a goofy grin or smiling in to space in a shocked daze. 

What a fun and romantic (yes, I just used romantic and bass pro in the same story) night! It was all so perfect and so unexpected. I keep getting asked "Were you really that surprised?" Heck yes, I was! I wasn't expecting it for a few months! He did absolutely amazing on my beautiful ring and the whole night was just perfect! 

I'll save the wedding details for a later date! There will be plenty to blog about now! 

I pray that God is blessing you as much as He is me! Seriously, how blessed am I to be marrying an amazing guy like Chris!? 
Modeling his birthday present!
You look so handsome! I love you!

See, isn't it beautiful!!

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Kimberly said...

Congratulations again to two very special love birds! What a beautiful couple! I will add to your story that HE is extremely blessed to be marrying you as well! SO happy for you!