I often tell Chris that I am lame, its because quite often I am. I enjoy crocheting, going to bed early, playing games on my phone, and reading. When separate, those things may not seem very lame or nerdy but when they're all combined I think it could be true.. :) Another nerdy thing I have been come a bit addicted to is playing angry birds on my phone. Seriously, how can I enjoy one silly little game so much. [Thanks Masha for introducing me to this addicting little game!] When Chris went to Florida a couple weeks ago he brought me back the cutest gift. Yep, a St. Louis Cardinals Angry Bird! He knows how to make me smile! :) 
Seriously, how cute is he!?
So, the cuteness of this and how much I adore this little guy reminded me of my nerdiness and I'm completely ok with it. I think I'll embrace it! :) In the midst of all of this I found these cute little cupcakes. First of all, I love this blog, there are always cute things but these might be a top fav. :)

I am absolutely going to make these!

Have a fantastic weekend embrace your nerdiness, I know I will!!

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Christy said...

Found your blog and then decided to embrace my inner nerd...what a delightful day!