Baby Wescoat: 24 Weeks

My oh my! We're 24 1/2 weeks along! The reality of everything has totally set in and I cant wait to hold my little man! The thought of him is totally mind consuming now and as I was explaining to my sister last week I think it is that way because he makes his presence known so often! I feel him squirming around all through out the day now instead of just when I'm relaxing.

I've developed quite the baby bump and there are very, very few pairs of regular pants I can comfortably fit into anymore. I can still wear the majority of my shirts but they are starting to become quite short. Weight gain has kind of hit hard this past week. I have been gaining the right amount of weight since my last appointment but I am starting to really notice my body expanding other than just the tummy. I struggled for a few days with this because although I knew it was coming it still is hard to just move on and be "OK" with such quick weight gain(especially for a newlywed!). I have been really blessed by friends letting me borrow maternity clothes though!

I am so excited to tackle Mr. Aiden's room. I'm starting to form it in my mind but I am still on a hunt for a changing table/dresser and a rocker. We've decided to go with a fire fighter theme. I really wanted to do either a cowboy or dinosaur theme but I decided that we'll always have fire fighter decor mixed into our regular home decor so it'd be easier (and more cost effective) to stick with the fire stuff. And sweet hubby is kind of a fan of fire gear too! ;) My mom  and I hit the garage sales this weekend during a quick trip home and I got lots of sweet little onesies, a spider and a penguin Halloween costume (they were 50 cents a piece so it was worth it to buy both!), and some fire fighter toys too.

Please keep praying for Chris and I as we still try to grasp the reality of raising a child and seek what God has for us as a young married couple and parents. My nerves seem to be shot lately and stress is way to high some days which is just something I have to work on. Pray for little Aiden too! We go back to the doctor Thursday, I always look forward to hearing the doctor say, "everything is fine."

Here's a link to our registry! I'd love any opinions or suggestions on products! We'll be registering at Target soon too!

Babies"R"Us - Baby Registry

Be a blessing to someone who needs it today!

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