easy way out.

I got this idea from my beautiful cousin, Lesley. You should check out her blog, she does a phenomenal job!

seeing: melting snow! woohoo! I liked the snow but I'm really going to like pretty green grass and yellow flowers
hearing: the laughter of some students while I eat my lunch. We have quite the crew in here today :)
smelling:  my hazelnut coffee, thank you FCCLA for bringing it around!
tasting: a cough drop... hoping to be done with this soon!
feeling: happy, yet overwhelmed. So much going on that is really exciting but that means there are many decisions to be made
reading: about prayer. Pastor Chris preached on it Sunday and it's been on my mind since.
loving: the many blessings that God has given me lately. He's been bringing new people in to my life, renewing past relationships, and strengthening relationships that mean so much to me!
anticipating: Senior Night on Thursday! The wonderful girls that I coach are preparing a huge performance! They'll do awesome and I can't wait to be there cheering them on.
making: myself do this blog! I want to keep up with it so badly but never have a topic. Any suggestions?
wishing: that Ozark wasn't so far away!

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