how are you? i'm good.

I was walking through the hall this afternoon and ran in to one of our substitutes. She is such a sweet lady and I've always enjoyed visiting with her. When we were passing each other quickly we both said "Hey, how are ya?" in unison, then both replied, "I'm good," in unison... As happy as I am to know that she was "good" I think its sad that this is how our society interacts and greets. Obviously, we were both in a hurry and going different directions but I really feel like we all just assume that when we are asked "how are ya?" that the expected response is, "good." Maybe this doesn't really make sense, the words definitely aren't coming to me today but I've thought about it all afternoon. Honestly, I had just heard some really exciting news about 10 minutes before that so I was really excited but at the same time I was bummed about other things, my mind was distracted with other thoughts. So here's a challenge: This week, ask people how they are in a different way and with intentions! Or... if someone asks you then tell them the truth! Yea, some people may think you're crazy and really not be interested but they did ask how you were, right?

Hope you all have a wonderful week! I had an absolutely wonderful weekend and will be posting pictures from my new camera soon! :)

Be a blessing to someone this week!

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