where did the weekend go?

Where did Monday come from? This was an absolutely wonderful weekend but it sure could have lasted a bit longer! However, I only have to work today and tomorrow and I'm home free for five days! Praise the Lord!

Friday evening I got to hang out with two sweet friends and one of my favorite little boys. We just had dinner and sat around and talked but it sure was nice! Moving away from my family was very difficult and not exactly having friends down here was even harder. When I moved though I was really blessed to jump right in to Chris's group of friends. We always have a wonderful time when we're together!

Saturday morning was a nice relaxing morning and that afternoon I got to go horseback riding with a friend from work. We went to Busiek State Park and it was so wonderful! I grew up riding some at my aunt and uncles ranch which I have always LOVED so it was nice to get back on and ride for an afternoon. There are a few trails at Busiek so that was a nice change of pace and made for a relaxing afternoon too.

After I got back from riding I stopped at the store to do some grocery shopping and just took my time since my hubby had been at deer camp and was supposed to be home Sunday afternoon. So after taking my time shopping and moseying on home I had a wonderful surprise waiting for me! My husband! He came home a day early and we got to relax for the rest of the evening! Wonderful.

Most of yesterday was spent in the woods trying to find me a deer but I was unsuccessful yet again... I'm not ready to give up but I sure would be more enthused if I shot one already!

I am super excited for tonight though. Those same friends that Chris so willingly shared with me are coming over for a Thanksgiving dinner. I love having people over to our simple little home. And then to add turkey and all the fixin's, yes please! I am a little nervous though because I have never fixed a turkey, honestly, I've never even paid attention to anyone else fixing a turkey. Chris helped me last night to prep the turkey and get it ready so time will tell how well we did!

I am SO looking forward to Thanksgiving with my family too. Chris and I are going to my grandparents house to do Thanksgiving with my mom's side of the family. We always have a good time when we're together and I'm sure this time wont be any different. I get to spend a couple extra days with my family at my parents house too so that will be great! I am so blessed by the family I have and the way they raised me and now I'm blessed doubly to have married in to another wonderful family. It sure will make sharing holidays a whole lot less stressful!

I also am making some big decisions about my future so I'll have to share about that sometime soon!

How was your weekend? Any special plans from Thanksgiving? I love reading comments!

Don't forget to tell your friends about the blog too!

Stay tuned to hear about the Turkey adventures! And feel free to say a little prayer that I dont ruin it! :)

Be a blessing to someone today!

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