where has time gone.

Wow! It sure has been awhile! And in my defense, I've been kinda busy! :) I am a married woman! Yup, that's right, you are reading the first post from Mrs. Kayla Wescoat!

Our wedding was fabulous! Seriously, absolutely perfect! Everything went so well and I have been told by many that it was a fun time for everyone! I had a blast and remained very stress free! Maybe a little to much so at times! I was continually reminded throughout the days leading up to the wedding and the actual wedding day how absolutely blessed Chris and I are. We had so many people that were there for us as helping hands and encouragers! Here are a few photos. I don't have many but we're still waiting on the ones from our fantastic photographer too!

Being Mrs. Wescoat has been fun but busy! It's kinda funny how life goes! It definitely doesn't slow down so you can get used to being married it just keeps right on going. Especially since I married a baseball fanatic whose team went to the World Series! (Go Cardinals!) My job has also kept me very busy. My job is the most challenging job I've ever done and some times I love it and sometimes I... dont.

Our sweet little Dakota is still sweet but not quite so little. She is now 60 pounds (and not done growing!) and full of energy! I just love that little girl! It's great having her when Chris is gone over night at the station, she keeps me from getting to lonely.

She adores her "dad!"

Well back to work it is! We don't have internet at home but I'm going to try to get back in to the habit of posting. I really want to keep at it and be able to have fun giveaways and advertisements on here to! So tell your friends! More pictures, scriptures, and crafts to come!

Be a blessing to someone today!

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