Baby Wescoat: 19 weeks

Baby Wescoat is the size of an Heirloom Tomoato!
How far along? 19 weeks and 5 days
Maternity Clothes? Yep, pants especially. I can still wear my jeans but I have to use an elastic hair tie on the button and just make it work.
Stretch marks? no
Sleep? I'm trying to work on sleeping on my side because I've always been a belly sleeper so I have a hard time getting comfy at night
Best moment from last week: Spending time in Colorado for a delayed Honeymoon with my husband! We weren't able to take one right away so we went while I was on Spring break from work.
Miss anything? I wasn't able to ride horses last week in Colorado and it kind of made me realize that its more things like that I'll miss rather than food or drinks
Movement? Yep! Little one decided to start poking around while we were in the car on the way to Colorado! It was amazing! Chris has felt a few kicks too!
Food cravings? I am really wanting cold things like popcicles, icees, and even just ice.
Anything making me sick? No! I am still just so thankful I've been so well!
Gender? We'll know in just 6 more days!! eek!!
Labor Signs? Nope!
Wedding rings still on? Yes! My hands did swell pretty badly a week ago that made me kinda nervous but its all gone and the rings are still on!
Happy or Moody? Honestly... I've been a bit cranky this week.. Partially because a few frustrating things have happened and partially because I'm tired! But its Friday which always helps and Chris has tomorrow off which helps even more!!
Looking forward to? Feeling even more movement. Any to really be able to feel it from the outside too. I want Chris to really be able to feel it often!

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