baby things.

Now that we know Baby is a He I am so ready to start looking at things for him! You know, bedding, clothes, stroller, and probably most important, cloth diapers! So lets start with cloth diapers! I would love some "been there done that" mommas and dads out there with tips and tricks!

What brand?
What kind? (all in one, pocket, etc.)
Where to buy?
What detergent?
What rash cream?
What else? :)


Kassie Groll said...

We didn't start cloth diapering until Talia was 8 months. I've seen a LOT of other mama bloggers say that they loved using covers (lots of mamas recommend Thirsties brand)with prefolds for young babies. I'm also pretty sure that's the cheapest "system". My advice is to have a variety of styles. AI@'a are nice because you can chance out the insert without having to change the shell. Pockets are nice because you can customize the absorbency but I'm starting to have a love for fitteds with fleece covers.

Megan said...

There's a store in St. Louis called Cotton Babies that offers a lot of brands and they also have garage sales every once in awhile where you can get slightly used cloth diapers that are in WONDERFUL shape! They only allow really good ones, no stains, to be sold. They also will help you out with any questions... like detergent and such. They recommend using only half of what the detergent says and if you lay them out in the sun, the sun will naturally bleach the stains away. I used cloth diapers for awhile but it became an issue of time and daycare with Lily. I heard of liners which help a lot with the poop and heavier stains as it will protect the expensive diaper and if the liners get really bad, they can be thrown away. They are reusable but aren't as expensive to replace as compared to the diapers. I had BumGenius all in ones but I highly recommend snaps vs. velcro. The velcro can get old really fast unless you make sure you put it back together while washing. Check out their website too... great store! I bought our sling from there and could have bought so much more if I could afford it!

Kaleigh said...

I have worked with a few cloth diapers at my learning center, and the ones that I have had experience with are bum genius. They have always had issues leaking even when we change them every 2 hours and they are really thick. I have also started to notice a trend in that the babies that wear them are late in crawling or even scooting around b/c they can't get their legs to move the correct way.

Studio614 said...

I haven't done it YET, but I have to second the comment about Cotton Babies - they are fantastic. The very best thing is that they have a 30 day (from your due date or purchase date - whichever is later!) money back for any reason return policy... If you use them for a month & decide you hate them you can just return them for a full refund! You can do a registry through them (although it's not quite as user-friendly as some other places) and they have free shipping too. I ordered a few used Flip covers & inserts from them (they were having a "seconds" sale) a couple weeks ago and was surprised that they looked absolutely brand new, even the white one. Can't say enough how impressed I've been with their products AND service.

Studio614 said...

Oh yeah, from my research you aren't supposed to need or use rash cream if you are using cloth - the creams can make the cloth diapers less absorbent. I know you can if you need to (supposedly diaper rash happens a lot less with cloth anyways), but you can use a disposable liner to protect the cloth or there is a special way to wash the diapers to "strip" them of residue.