you gotta call 911

I don't have a picture from today but this will still make since shortly... :)
OH good grief! I had quite a busy morning and afternoon running errands and visiting with some really great friends. By the time I got home at 4 I was wiped out so I laid down for a quick nap. When I woke up I wasn't feeling well. From my shoulders down to my hands were really stiff and seemed swollen and all around my mouth was numb. The stuff with my arms and hands has been going on for a couple days but the mouth thing was new. So I text my "under paid doctor" hubby who is actually a EMT and firefighter and he asked me a few questions about other health things and told me to try to just relax and let me know if anything changed.

So I go get my phone charger and decide to camp out on the couch for a while to relax... A moment later I heard something "pop" so I looked behind the couch and saw nothing so I didn't think anything of it. Within a few moments Dakota was very alert to the back of the couch, sniffing around and such and I began to smell smoke. So what do I do? I call my hubby that is working at a fire department and hour a way, of course! His reply, "Well, you gotta call 911." Ugh... I was hoping he had magic fire skills and could solve it through the phone. ;)

911 was called and Dakota and I head outside. Dakota was sniffing around the yard and I standing there feeling quite silly (you know that feeling where your paranoid that you just called 911 and all of your hubby's co-workers are going to come to your house in a great big red truck with flashing lights and making lots of noise and its probably not going to turn in to anything at all? Ha!) as I'm finishing that thought my arm about get pulled out of socket and Dakota is chasing 2 baby rabbits while holding another in her mouth... Say it with me.. good grief! Luckily when I yelled her name she dropped the one in her mouth but was still pulling like a work horse! Two of the bunnies run to safety in our neighbors yard but the other runs toward our house and right in to the garage that is open...

At this time I start to hear the sirens so I cant mess with the stinkin (oh so cute but kinda an issue right now) bunny. I put Dakota in my car and explain to the assistant chief, who I have met a few times, what was going on. Luckily, it turned out to be my phone charger that had shorted out and smelled so it wasn't anything (like I figured!!) but like they all said "better safe than sorry!" And I think they are all just ready to give Chris a hard time about this tomorrow when he's working here in town.

So they all leave and although I still felt a bit silly but I really am glad I called rather than being nervous all night since hubby wont be home until a bit later. But now I have to deal with the bunny! Thankfully, little Bugs was just curled up in the corner by the door and I scooped him up with a cup and set him free. Whew! So much for just sitting back and relaxing for a bit! I am happy to report that my mouth is no longer numb though. :)

Any suggestions on why these strange symptoms are happening? Should I be concerned?

Well, I'm off to make cookies for Chris to take at shift change tomorrow to the sweet firefighters in the morning. Maybe they'll take it easy on him then!

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Brandy Nelson said...

I have had the same issues, during pregnancy and post-partum. I have "fixed" it by taking a B-Complex supplement. Apparently, I was lacking vitamin B-12...and iron...and potassium..and other things...I was VERY sick throughout my last 2 pregnancies and was malnourished to an extent! But after taking these supplements, I felt MUCH better within 30min to an hour. So scary, though! Definitely check with your doctor!