Baby Wescoat: 20 Weeks

Yep, Baby Wescoat is a boy and now even has a name! Aiden Christopher Wescoat looked precious in the ultrasound and was an active little guy! It was SO fun to watch him kick and move around! It was totally surreal watching him kick and move about and not feel it. But there were a few good kicks that I felt and Chris saw which was a real neat thing too!

I wasn't actually able to meet with my doctor after the ultrasound as planned because he was delivering another little bundle of joy but I met with the nurse and that was good too. I gained a little more weight in the last 4 weeks than I should have so I really have to start watching that but I kinda knew that anyway!

Little Mister is quite an active guy, I've been able to feel him for 2 weeks now and its definitely getting stronger! It's been a fun couple of weeks!

I am already looking in to what to do his room in! It's kinda funny, although I really did want a boy I think I had it in the back of my mind that he would be a she. I definitely had more ideas going through my head for all things girl! No complaints here though!! :)

Yep, a boy, he sure is!

HIS sweet profile!!

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