beautiful weekend

My weekend was truly beautiful! It was beautiful weather and filled with beautiful people. It was Boonville's Spring Break so I had lots of time off. Alayna was home all week and it was great to spend time with her! It started out just getting stuff done around the house. Friday afternoon we got to meet up with a friend of my mom's, he was her youth pastor growing up, and his wife. After hearing stories about "John Bush" all my life it was nice to get to know him. He and his wife are an absolutely amazing couple!  Then my wonderful brother and sister-in-law came in to town. We had so much fun just sitting around laughing with them! On Saturday, we all got up and went to my Aunt and Uncle's to go for a hike on their land and spend some much needed time with them! Saturday afternoon, Heather had a skating birthday party for a boy in her class so I took her and we had fun! She was a trooper on the skates and really picked it up by the time we were done! Then Chris came! <3 We had such a good time together! My family kinda picked on him with a revamped version of "Boxers and Briefs" but thankfully he didn't seem to mind to much! We all went to church in Sedalia on Sunday! I am loving Kids Worship more and more each time I'm there! The kids are so great! Leading them in songs like "God of Wonders" is such a blessing to me! That afternoon Chris and I laid around for a while and then went fishing, well he did, it was to cold for me! I wrapped up in a towel (over my clothes, I forgot my jacket) and walked around with him. Then we came home ordered a pizza and cuddled up while watching Star Wars (ok, so the Star Wars part wasn't so exciting but Chris's arm was around me so I didn't exactly care). Doesn't all of it just sound like a beautiful weekend!  Here are a few of my favorite photos:

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What'd you do this weekend? Did you get any of that crazy snow? 6 inches in Boonville! Looking forward to the warm weather later this week! :)

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