boyfriend :)

I have wanted to write a post about my sweet, boyfriend for a while and well, now I am. I could tell you "our story" but its taken almost four years to get where we are today and I'm not a good enough writer to keep you interested for that long. Isn't it really great to know that God's timing is perfect and no matter how much we may want something to happen in our own time frame, His plan is so much better. 

I have to admit, when he and I first started talking again I even told him that I wasn't interested in a relationship and especially not a serious one but I'm so glad my mind and heart can think two different things and come back together to work as one. I remember asking him one night why it would be different this time, I didn't want to fall for something that wasn't real. Luckily, his response of "let me prove it to you" has completely come true. Have I mentioned I'm thankful for God's plan and timing in our relationship and our lives? ;)

Chris and I have started this fun journey through dating again and how wonderful it is! From the time I first went to hang out with him in January to now I have been so happy to have him back in my life in this way. Chris is an absolutely great guy. He's so handsome, makes me laugh (a lot), treats me like a lady, encourages me, stays positive when I'm a grouch, and the list goes on... 

Chris and I always have a great time together. Seriously, all the time. We both enjoy going fishing and I'm hoping that Spring and Summer will be filled with afternoons by a lake, any lake will do. When I say we both enjoy it I really mean that he really enjoys it and I do until I get bored. :) He's also a serious Cardinals fan so I'm sure we'll go see a few games too. I never really mind what we do as long as I'm near him its typically okay by me!

I'm so ready to spend the weekend with him! It cannot get here soon enough!

So to sum it all up...
I'm very happy.
I'm very thankful.
Chris is awesome.

Heres a few photos of us all but the last one were taken the summer of 2008. Enjoy!

At the Sports Crusader day at the Cardinals Stadium
I've always kinda loved this picture
On the tram at Grant's Farm with his nephew Sammy.
(On a completely different note.. I can't wait to be tan again!)
Hanging out when he came to visit last week :)

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Moppy said...

Thanks... fills in some blanks. Love you both... a lot...