spring things.

Remember my first post? It was a list of things I want to do in general. I want to revamp that list in the next couple days but today its all about Spring baby! I want to it to be Spring so badly! I want to drive with my windows down, wear flip flops and sundresses, and go on walks late in the evening! I have also been making a mental list of things I want to do this Spring. Who knows if it'll happen but here goes...

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  • I want to keep a garden! My sister and I started one last summer but we were both gone more than we were home and it didn't get kept up. Maybe this is the year to do it!
  • Decorate Heather's room. She moved in to Alayna's old room and the walls are already blue. We're going to paint clouds on the ceiling and walls and decorate with flowers and cute little bugs. I love the simplicity of this in the photo above. 
Make a Ruffled Camera Strap Slipcover Tutorial
  • I want to be crafty! I love this camera strap! I have enlisted my momma for help on this, now we just need to find time to do it! I found this on kevinandamanda.com. I have always loved craft projects but I find myself wanting to do them and not having the time or money so I'm going to pick a few at a time and try to get them done, even if it is a slow process. 
  • I want to run! Actually, I want to want to run. I dislike running so much! I am hoping to start the Couch to 5k again and actually stick with it this time around. If you are wanting to slowly work up to running a 5k this is an awesome plan!
Lemon Cottage Cheese Pancakes
  • Baking and cooking is the next item! When I lived in my apartment I would cook all the time. I loved fixing dinner for my sweet roommate and I but I also loved fixing meals when all of our girls would come over. I'm fixing dinner tonight, we're having polynesian pork with pineapple rice. I think it sounds delicious! We'll see how it goes! These pancakes (above) look delicious! I'm going to try them sometime soon!

Photo by me :)
  • I am so ready to get back in to riding! We went a few times this Fall at Shands Ranch, which is my aunt and uncles ranch that is close by. We love going out there! It is so nice to get away! I can't get enough of horseback riding! 

What are you hoping to do this Spring? 

Did I mention I only work three days this week? ;) And then my family will all be together for the weekend and Chris will be here for the weekend! Can't wait for time together with all of them! :)

Be a blessing! :)

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