bbq pulled pork. recipe.

As I promised earlier today here is the delicious recipe for some pulled pork that I made yesterday. Sorry, I'm not a food photographer and every time I attempt it my food just doesn't look good at all so with that being said just trust me and try it for yourself!

BBQ Pulled Pork

butt roast (as big as you need for the number of people you're feeding)
onion powder
garlic powder
ground mustard
McCormick Pork Rub
McCormick BBQ Seasoning
Otts Sweet Hickory BBQ sauce
one can of Diet Coke

Coat the meat in all of the powdered seasonings and rubs. When I say coat it I mean really coat it! Rub all of those flavors in. I added the pork rub and the BBQ seasoning first and then added not near as much of the garlic, onion, and mustard. Now toss it in to a crock pot and add half of a bottle of the BBQ sauce.  Then pour in the Diet Coke. I used a pair of tongs and flipped the meat over at this point to make sure the sauce really did reach all sides of the meat. My meat cooked on low for 7 hours before I used a fork and shredded it, I am not sure how much the meat weighed but it was a pretty big piece. I shredded the pork (so easily!!) with a fork and put it back in to the crock pot. I left it on low for about another hour until we ate it.

Any of the name brand ingredients can most definitely be switched out. I loved the combination that I used though! Although, I talked to a friend at work today and she said she had heard of using a can of rootbeer and I think that might be good too! There's always next time!


Try it out and let me know how it works for you!

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