wonderful weekend.

Hey there strangers! So sorry its been a while! Our Internet was out for a few days and then this weekend I took advantage of having Chris home with me both days! It was so wonderful! Chris wasn't feeling real well on Saturday so we made it a lazy day and slept in and then laid around all day! I did make a trip to Michaels to use up a birthday gift card and got some really cute decor items and a couple of little craft projects I'll be tackling this week! I'm excited about Spring and pretty colors so that's what I'm focusing on with snacks!

Yesterday, we went to church together for the first time in a month or so (with his schedule and then me being out of town we've been heading to church solo!) and it is just so wonderful worshiping and learning with my husband! After church we headed to a near by river in hopes to catch some fish... well the fishing hole was fishless but the weather was perfect and our sweet pup was happy to splash around and play fetch with random sticks! What a gorgeous day to play outside! I can't wait until Baby Wescoat is here so we can go for walks and raise this little one to love the outdoors too!

We had some great friends over for dinner last night. I made pulled pork for the first time and it was yummy!! I will put the recipe up later this evening! It was great to catch up with friends and just relax together plus I cleaned my house up for them so now I don't have to stress about it tonight!

Oh! I'm 16 weeks (and one day) now! Wow! Where has time gone! We go for a check up on Wednesday and then the next appointment will be the ultrasound to find out the gender! Goodness! I am getting (way past) excited!

Tune in for that recipe tonight! It was delicious!!

Have a blessed Monday and be a blessing to someone else!
Sorry about the phone pics I haven't uploaded my pictures from my camera, I'll do that tonight too!

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