Baby Wescoat: 12 Weeks (nope, 9)

 How far along? 9 weeks (according to the new due date!)
Total Weight gain: 0 - back down to weight from the day I found out I was pregnant
Maternity Clothes? no, but I do sit with my pants unbuttoned any chance I get :)
Stretch marks? no, I need to invest in some cocoa butter lotion to continue saying no though!
Sleep? I can't get comfortable at night and I'm already having strange dreams. I didn't think that was supposed to happen for a while!
Best moment from last week: We got to see our sweet baby! It was absolutely amazing!
Miss anything? Coffee. Not really the caffeine I just really like coffee. Hello, Decaf!
Movement? No, but I have bad muscle spasms and they are slowly moving to my belly so I kind of wonder if I'll know the difference when I do feel movement.
Food cravings? Cold stuff. Chris went and got me sherbet push pops the other day. And oreos. Yum!
Anything making me sick? Nope! Feeling SO much better! Although I never really felt bad.
Gender? For whatever reason, I think its a girl.
Labor Signs? notta
Wedding rings still on? Yep, and I just happen to absolutely love my rings. Thanks hubby!
Happy or Moody? Happy, I feel like I'm generally in a good mood. Just tired in the evenings!
Looking forward to? An "official ultrasound" on Friday. Although, the doctor thinks I may be off on my due date and that I might not be this far along actually and that is kinda sad because July 23rd is really good timing for school. We shall see!

12 Week Baby Bump

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