Our second first date.

One year ago on Monday will be one year since we went on our second first date. :) Thinking back about the day and the emotions leading up to it is really pretty funny. We had only been talking to each other for a couple of weeks and Chris had been asking when we were going to meet up. I was totally dodging him but finally he talked me in to it. We planned to meet half way because at the time we were about 3 hours apart. We were meeting for lunch at Imo's (of course!) and I got there a few minutes early. I remember sitting there thinking that maybe he had something come up or he was standing me up and surprisingly I was totally ok with that. You see, I fell for Chris the first time we were together and I had no intention of letting that happen again. Well it turns out that Chris had been at the fire station and was just a few minutes late. As he pulled in to the parking lot and started to get out of his truck my stomach started to flip! I'll never forget the feeling I had as we hugged that (second) first time. Chris let out the sweetest sigh and I knew he was very pleased to have me in his arms. I remember thinking at that moment, uh oh, he's gonna get me again. We visited over lunch about the Sunday school class I had taught that morning and the night he had at the fire station. Side note: he came in his uniform, I think that was his plan from the beginning, he's seriously hot in his uniform. ;) We decided to go see a True Grit at the theaters that afternoon. So we walked around the outlet mall to kill time. Through talking to Chris in the weeks leading up to that day I knew something was different and he continued to show me that during our day. After the movie Chris suggested dinner and although I had my guard way up still I wasn't quite ready to say goodbye. We were at Lake of the Ozarks and the sun was beginning to set, it was a gorgeous evening. As we drove to dinner the truck was kind of quiet. It wasn't an awkward silence for me but I remember wondering if it was for him. So I asked him, he said no. It actually made me smile. We were both just happy to be in each others company. At dinner, looking over the lake and sitting side by side in the booth we talked more about how our family was and small talked some more. But then we talked about our relationship the first time and what went "wrong." Chris actually did most of the talking through dinner and he really did surprise me. He was so open and honest with me about everything. After dinner it was time to head back and get my car. We sat in the Imo's parking lot for a long time talking some more. The conversation was still mostly serious and even a bit deep. I remember telling my self as we started talking about heading home that I would not kiss this boy. (It was our first date, ya know) But, that sweet, handsome boy asked if he could kiss me and my heart melted. He got me again.

Maybe this story isn't really for the few readers of this blog, it's for me. I love thinking about that day and the other important stages from our quick changing last year. Chris is absolutely my best friend and soul mate. (Who else would put up with me, especially the pregnant, hormonal me?) I truly feel like Chris and I balance each other for the better.

Chris, thank you for an amazing year. You won my heart, married me, and now we're having a baby plus all of the wonderful little moments that fill in between the big ones. I love you!

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Sue said...

I remember hearing all about this "date"!! I could see in your eyes and hear through your words that your heart was already with him. I remember thinking how wonderful it was to see you so happy and truly at peace with your future....finally!!! lol I'm SO glad to have shared in those precious moments and memories with you....love ya!! :)