Baby Wescoat: 1st Doctor's Appointment

Ever since I found out we were expecting I just wanted to hear the words "Everything looks great!" I have been so anxious and excited but still very cautious. We finally met with our doctor yesterday and did find that "everything looks wonderful!" Wonderful is even better than great! Thank you, Lord! The doctor did a full exam and even did an "unofficial ultrasound." We finally got to see that sweet little one growing in my belly! And watch the precious little heart beating! It was such a neat moment that I have a hard time finding words to describe.

The comfort I have in knowing that at this point everything looks good really helps me to become even more excited and I am starting to grasp the reality of this. I'm going to be a Momma! I always joked with my mom that she would have a grandchild 9 months after I got married and although I was joking that isn't far off from reality now. I have always wanted to be a wife and a mother, I just didn't expect them to happen within one year!

Getting pregnant right away wasn't in "our plan" but obviously it was in God's. The shock and fear was very overwhelming for the first few weeks. As we began to slowly tell people it was almost hard to be excited. I kind of feel guilty about it even because its seems like its something that would bring excitement no matter what. Thankfully, the shock is beginning to wear off and the excitement is beginning to brew even more!

Chris has been nothing less than amazing since the moment he guessed that I was pregnant! (ha, yep he guessed, I can't hide secrets) He continually makes sure I am comfortable and feeling well. His excitement from the beginning has also been a huge blessing to me and helped me to be excited as well. Thank you, babe for looking after me and being so understanding!

Please join Chris and I as we pray for our sweet little baby!

Here is the ultrasound and a picture of me at 11 weeks. I apologize for the iPhone pic, that I look a little rough, and I'm wearing mismatched clothing. Haha!

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Kim said...

Congrats beautiful! I am super excited for you and Chris. Nothing bests being a mommy! Love and miss you! -Kim